Cobra Club of SA

The Cobra Club of SA is one of the oldest Motor Clubs in South Africa, with its inception date the 8th of August 1986. Our first Chairman, Frank Klinkert, took the reigns of the Club and was Chairman elect for 10 years.

These Cobra is the world’s most replicated sports car, and little did Carroll Shelby know what we was creating in 1962. Compared to other modern sports cars, the Cobra has the best power to weight ratio.

Our Club have representation throughout South Africa, with chapters in Pretoria, the East Rand, West Rand, KZN and Cape Town. We are a strong Club, currently boasting more than 220 members, and still growing.

On our Club’s website you will find information such as our events calendar, as well as a page with our members cars listed. We must admit, this is the most drooled over page in this site . For more info please visit

We also offer an online shop for Cobra fans and members alike. Here you can find a variety of Cobra branded merchandise. For more info please visit
Carroll Shelby would have turned 100 this year in January, and our Club, along with various other Cobra Clubs across the world are celebrating this centenary year in style.

We are giving away a Cobra for just R100. This competition is open to everyone, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Wollies animal shelter in Pretoria North.
We have one of the most active car Clubs in SA, with more than 26 official Club runs per year, and we also combine events with other car clubs such as the Daytona and Ferrari Clubs