Punisher Slap Fight

Punisher promotions can be described in an array of different ways but it simply is the by product of ambition, courage and grit that got it where it is today. It started off with a clip made by Bobby Krisch himself, who's passion for the sport grew to the extent that he was willing to challenge anyone who'd be willing to step up to the plate, this obviously rattled many feathers and before he knew it his video clip had garnered more attention than he could ever expect. People from far and wide started taking interest in the sport, from all walks of life, from all types of backgrounds united for one common goal which was glory. It gave individuals a purpose, something to work forward to and to even be given the the title of their "calling" in this world, that they felt that they were meant for this. The goal for punisher is to reach all corners of the not only SA but in Africa, to take it to the global stage and compete with the best there is, to show that we can be the best in the game, that we can bring the competition and take the fight to international competitors. We firmly believe we have what it takes to achieve this goal, we've gotten so far and right now the sky is the limit.

Bobby Krisch : 061 021 2302
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