The Three Musketeers said it best: One for all and All for one! Fencing in South Africa is a little known sport, but has attracted new participants every year for many years, including in Gauteng. From the ages of 8 to 80, fencing provides participants with the training to become fit or stay fit, sharpen the reflexes and the mind, and can bring you into a world of sword fighting for enjoyment or competition with added camaraderie.

If you are interested in joining fencing in Gauteng for fun, fitness and focus, or want to see how far your competitive spirit will take you, then Fencing is the sport for you. The GFA - Gauteng Fencing Association - runs 3 Ranking competitions during the year, as well as a Closed Championship. These points all add up to becoming Top 10 ranked, with the Top 3 receiving their Colours.
There are also National Opens held in each Province and those points add up to possible selection to the South African National Team, for competitions in Africa and Overseas.

All you need to do is join a Club nearest to you, practice and enjoy! There are clubs in Edenvale, Pretoria, Randburg and Soweto, as well as at the Universities of Pretoria (TUKS), Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) and University of Witwatersrand (WITS). If you’re a visitor to Gauteng, there are also several clubs in other provinces too.
Fencing is becoming an attractive sport in some schools - there are 3 Schools League competitions annually in Gauteng. All schools are welcome to spectate, cheer and sign up!

So why not contact us for the club nearest to you, for a free session to see if you enjoy it so much you’d like to join - it’s a fabulous sport to do!
Clubs and contacts are on the FFSA’s (Fencing Federation of South Africa) website www.safencer.co.za

Come one, come all! And see the action take place on the fencing strip (piste) with every En Garde, Pret, Allez! that the referees command.

The Association represents the 8 Clubs in the Gauteng Province and is responsible for co-ordinating and running the various competitions.

Provincial Colours are awarded to qualifying Athletes.

The GFA is responsible for the funding allocation for Development Fencers in the Province on behalf of SRSA via the FFSA - Fencing Federation of South Africa.

Gauteng Fencing Association
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