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2017 Competitors

Sons of Somoa



Samoan Invasion


It seems that the Samoan team of Afa and Lloyd Anoai'a have waged a personal war against South Africa, more especially the Nightmare.

The Sons of Samoa, trained by Afa Snr, the original Samoan savage and the Rocks cousins, they have taken the moniker of Samoan savagery and cranked it up all the way to 11.Not afraid the spill the blood of his opponents, Lloyd and Afa will be hard to control as their Samoan savagery is released at the Arnold Classic.Their third journey to South Africa will have the the agents of disaster complete and eliminate all those who oppose the Samoan dynasty.




The Lion of Africa

After many years of injuries and setbacks, it is the perfect stage for Ananzi to become the breakout star he always knew he could be. Once touted for greatness, a series of injuries have stymied his meteoric rise to superstardom.

However, after rehab on an elbow injury successful, the lion of Africa us now showing the hunger and determination that once saw him rise to the very top.

Ananzi's hunger has returned with a vengeance and now he is ready to hit the absolute top of the wrestling scene and I pity the person who stands opposite him at the Arnold Classic.




Apollo is a 6ft7 puerto rican wrestling sensation who mhas proved his worth al over the world, and recently complted at wrestling tour ti india for the the great khali……his only regret to date is the final 5 names on a hit list he made 10 years ago, and that is the top 5 wwp wresling superstars…he now gets that opportunity …will he succeed…catch him at the arnolds africa event on the 7th may 2016….

Devon Shooter



One of the most exciting 4 the generation Pro Wrestlers in South Africa, recently returning from a 3 month stint in the UK, has turned him into not only a high flyer, but also one of the best grapplers on the WWP Pro Wrestling circuit, he bring a load of AWESOMNESS to the ARNOLDS….




South africa s strongest  professional wrestler, who takes no nonsense in the ring…he gets his job done in the fastest time possible, and leaves with a healthy pay cheque..wanted by every promoter in africa exterminator has chosen to stick to his roots in the wwp….see him live at the arnolds…




Man Mountain Rock

As mighty as the granite steeple that overlooks the African continent, the man mountain Kilimanjaro looks over the landscape of South African wrestling.

A multiple time holder of the WWP ALL AFRICAN CHAMPIONSHIP, Kilimanjaro Saunters down to the ring and decimates all who stand in front of him, and with a physique made out of the very mountain he is named after, he would equally be at home posing with the body builders as well as kicking faces at the Arnold Classic.

Kwaito Kid



The career of the Kwaito Kid has been littered with success, whether as a tag team champion with Kilimanjaro or as a singles champion, the Kwaito Kid has never been far from the top of wrestling scene in South Africa.

With the pride of the Eastern Cape flowing through his veins, Kwaito uses always one superkick away from victory, and there have been many victims.

He is one of the most exciting finds on the Pro Wrestling scene, and is destined for greatness


Who will it be at the Arnold Classic to tastethe leather boot of THE KWAITO KID?

Mr Wrestling



There is a saying in professional wrestling. "To be the man, you got to beat the man" and for three year's. The man in WWP has been Mr Wrestling.


After defeating the legend Tornado in Port Elizabeth, Mr Wrestling had defeated all that have stood against him. A former South African body building champion as well as a black belt in karate, Mr Wrestling has the physique, Mental aptitude and professional skills to make any combat Ring his home




The Nightmare

The current WWP Hard core champion, Nightmare has haD his problems with Afa and Lloyd Anoa'i at the moment, there Is an intensity in the eyes of Nightmare that was lacking at one stage.

Nightmare has found a new lease of life being a mentor, tattoo artist and anti bully campaigner. This has given Nightmare the drive to become a better wrestler, culminating in Nightmare holding onto the hard core championship for almost three years and doesn't look like relinquishing it any time soon.

He is as dangerous as he looks….and nothing gets in the way of the nightmare

PJ Black



Dr Black to the operating theatre

If PJ Black can keep his feet on the floor long enough, this high flyer will show his array of skills that was taught here in South Africa and perfected around the world. This 3 time tag champion and current star of the hottest wrestling league in the world will bring all his knowledge back to where it all started.

The last time PJ was here he broke both his ankles, this time he will be looking to injure his opponents rather than himself, maybe his path will cross with an old nemesis.........

Savannah Summer



This formwe australian ldies wrestling champion, brings not only a amazing ability to wrestle, but sex appeal, that makesspectators glued to their seat, just hoping the fight will neve end.

Savanah summers, is known as the most ferocious lady wrestler in australia, yet with a sex appeal, that stings worse than a scorpion…catch her live at the arnolds africa






Snitsky 6.7 280 pounds.


In the world if giants, Gene Snitsky cuts an imposing figure wherever he goes. Starting off at OVW and making a huge impact on his first night in WWE. SNITSKY made an impact whenever he stepped into the ring.


Snitsky has made a career of handing out concussive punishment , Whether it's the Canadian Football league, or wrestling the major promotions in America. Gene Sintsky will slam you down and hurt you bad

TJ Tremor



The brightest development prospect on the south african wrestling scene, only 18 years of age, and has already forgotten how many matches he has already had.


A 3rd generation wrestler, makes him a future legend, and with his height of 6ft 4, puts him out of reach of most opponents..


Very exciting to have him perform at ther arnolds africa…..




South African Wrestling legend, was has been around for the last 25 years, and remains one of the most feared fighters on the scene, and he resorts to as much hardcore tactics that is needed to push his opponents into submission….TORNADO IS A LEGEND AND LOVED BY ALL…

Miss M



When the bell goes, and the fighters battle it out for supreme honor, its not only for fame or glory or for the money, but its for the attention of the boss “miss m”, who does the hiring and the firing, and u you do not dance to her tune……..you are history……..wwp wrestlers all have a hiddenagenda…to win the favor of the boss..miss m”…..

Designed by Tanya van der Walt