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Gauteng Weightlifting

What is the Sport of Weightlifting?

It's where the Strongest Men & Women in the world come to compete.



Olympic style weightlifting, or officially "Weightlifting" is the style of weightlifting contested at the Olympic Games. The events of weightlifting, or "lift', test virtually all the muscles in an athlete's body more muscles tan any other single sport. And because the lifts are performed widely than any other strength and power testing events in the world with standardized rules, with no assistive equipment, the World and Olympic Champions in the sport of Weightlifting have earned the right to the title of the strongest men and women in the world.


Can I enter?

Anyone can enter !


How do I enter?

Link will be available soon...



Friday 17th May 2019:

10am - 12am - Youth/Junior Development Camp

1pm - 3pm - Open platform Training session

3pm - 4pm - Rules of Weightlifting Seminar

4pm - 6pm - Lifting Session Open to the public


Saturday 18th May 2019:

10am - Gauteng Youth/Junior Championships 2019

11:30am - Ladies Weight Class 45kg/49kg/55kg/59kg

2pm - Men Weight Class 55kg/61kg/67kg/73kg

4pm - Ladies Weight Class 64kg


Sunday 19th May 2019:

10am - Men Weight Class 81kg/89kg

13pm - Ladies Weight Class 71kg/76kg/81kg/87kg/+87kg

3pm - Men Weight Class 96kg/102kg/109kg/+109kg