About Strict Arm Curl:

t is a new strength sport introduced into South Africa by Gary Katzen and Juan Meyer. The sport is open to both Woman and Men in all divisions and weight classes.

The main concept of strict arm curl is to bicep curl a loaded EZ bar with the maximum amount of weight utilizing the strength of your biceps, forearms and wrists without cheating the movement.

The weight must be controlled, and you may not move your feet, or have any swinging motion from your legs or back. Your legs must remain locked throughout the lift,  and your shoulders, back and bum must be firmly positioned against the back platform upright. The starting weight allowed is the weight of the bar and collars which amounts to 10 kg.


There are three commands given by the head judge namely Curl, Down and Rack.

Once the start/ command curl is given the bar must be curled all the way up to the neck position, until the head judge gives the rack command.

There are three judges that keep a close eye on all the lifting rules and regulations, namely two side judges and one head judge.


"Come and try" - Public Participation:

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Weekend program:

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Can I enter and how do I enter:

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Contact information:

Juan Meyer: 0746128274, or

Matthew: 0827790536, or

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