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Art Competition is three days of painting and drawing. Anyone can enter. Professional and Amateur divisions. Prize money. Limited space available. Professional judges.


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We would like to invite Artists to enter the Arnold Classic Africa Art Competition. The Arnold Classic Africa is an annual multi-sport event celebrating 70 + sporting codes.


 It is named after the legendary professional body-builder, Arnold Schwarzenegger who will be at the event for the 3 days. Arnold Schwarzenegger will also visit the Art Competition at the event.


How it will work:

To enter the competition, there is a NON-REFUNDABLE entry fee of R200.

You will have to send us 1 picture of your artwork we can put on our website.

Participants will be required to be at the event from 17 -19 May 2019 and make a drawing or painting of any sporting code or event that will be happening at the event.

Participants will have to bring their own design material to draw or paint, ex. oil paint, charcoal, coffee, acrylic. 1 chair and 1 table will be provided if needed. Please bring plastic bag to protect your area.


• NO artwork will be allowed that has already been completed at home. You are also not allowed to take your artwork and finish it at home, there will be a safe storage space available.


Space is limited to only 30 artists.

There will be 2 categories – under 18 and over 18.


Over 18 Category - Top 5 winners will be selected:

▪ R 6 000 – First prize winner

▪ R 3 000 – Second prize winner

▪ R 2 500 – Third prize winner

▪ R 1 500 – Fourth prize winner

▪ R 1 000 – Fifth prize winner


Under 18 Category - Top 3 winners will be selected:

▪ R 3 000 – First prize winner

▪ R 1 500 – Second prize winner

▪ R 1 000 – Third prize winner


Deadline to enter the Arnold Art Competition is 3 May 2019; we won’t take anymore artists once we have reached 30 entries.


Dates: 17 - 19 May 2018

Venue: Sandton Convention Centre


Friday(suggested time): 08:00 – 12:00
Artists will be required to go around the venue and take a picture of any sporting code or event at the event. (will need approval)

12:00 – 18:00 Start with drawing/painting.


Saturday (suggested time): 08:00 – 18:00

Artists will carry on with their drawing/ painting.


Sunday: Artists will continue with their artwork.

Time of judging will be confirmed sooner to the event.


T & C's -Should there be less than 5 entries in a category, the 2 categories will be combined.