About Model Search:

This show will be held at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg on the Saturday, 19th May of the Arnold Classic Africa Weekend.


Models from the age of 16 can enter.


Fitness Bikini girls competing at the Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness can also compete in the Arnold Classic Africa Model Search.


What are we looking for?


We are looking for the "It factor", one male and one female who has it all... a healthy lifestyle, a fit body, charisma, glamour and the ability to project yourself as a celebrity.


We seek to discover and reward up and coming fitness models. A panel of fitness industry professionals, including magazine editors and photographers as well as talent scouts and agents will be judges.


The judging panel will comprise of professionals in the Fitness Industry, Publishing Industry, Casting Industry etc.


At the ACAMS 2016:

  • Models were appointed as Brand Ambassadors for various brands.
  • A model and our MC for the event were cast in a local Film


At the ACAMS 2017:

  • Our Female winner got the opportunity to go and compete at the Model Search in USA


Male and Female Category - prize money:

  1. First Prize          R 5 000.00
  2. Second Prize     R 2 500.00
  3. Third Prize         R 1 500.00


Please note:

ACAfrica holds the right to send the models to a Arnold Classic to compete overseas, according to what their program allows.
All expenses to compete overseas will be for your own account

As ACAMS we strive to give each entrant the opportunity to promote themselves, not just winners.

Terms and Condition apply.


Many more prizes to be announced.


The show comprises of THREE ROUNDS:

Male Category:

  • Board short swimsuit
  • Gym wear (no compression tights allowed)
  • Evening wear (two piece suit)


Female Category:

  • Full piece swimsuit
  • Gymwear
  • Evening wear (no cocktails dresses allowed)


Weekend program:

The Model Search will take place on the 19th May, exact time of event will be made available as soon as the stage program has been finalized.



2017 Model Search:

Can I enter and how do I enter:

Any one from the age of 16 can enter.


Entry fee - R 500


Closing Date for Entries: 30 April 2018


Male Model Criteria:

  1. The model must have a healthy fit body
  2. The model must not be too muscular
  3. The model must not be too lean
  4. The model must present an aesthetic marketable physique
  5. The model will be judged on beauty
  6. The model will be judged on grooming
  7. The model must show stage presence, personality, charisma, flair and poise
  8. The model must project a celerity status


Presentation Requirements:

Introduction Round

The models will wear a swimsuit, they will enter the stage and perform an "I" walk. This round will not be judged.







Round 1:

The Models will wear fitness attire, they will enter the stage and perform an "I" walk. The models will be instructed to line up on stage and present themselves facing forward and then facing the back of the stage. Models are not required to do any body building poses.







Round 2:

The models will wear evening attire, they will enter the stage and perform an "I" walk. The models will be instructed to line up on stage and present themselves facing forward and then facing the back of stage.









Female Model Criteria:

  1. The model must be feminine
  2. The model must have a healthy fit body
  3. The model must not be too lean
  4. The model must present an aesthetic marketable physique
  5. The model will be judged on beauty
  6. The model will be judged on grooming
  7. The model must show stage presence, personality, charisma, flair and poise
  8. The model must project a celerity status


Presentation Requirements:

Introduction Round

The models will wear a one piece swimsuit, they will enter the stage and perform an "I" walk. This round will not be judged.







Round 1:

The Models will wear fitness attire, they will enter the stage and perform an "I" walk. The models will be instructed to line up on stage and present themselves facing forward and then facing the back of the stage. Models are not required to do any body building poses.







Round 2:

The models will wear evening attire, they will enter the stage and perform an "I" walk. The models will be instructed to line up on stage and present themselves facing forward and then facing the back of stage.










Contact Information:

Jolene Levinson

083 556 4190

2017 Model Search Winners:



Chad Ossip

28 years old

I'm an individual with a flare for life whom is always willing to give my absolute best with whatever it may be. I work in corporate as an audit manager and a group fitness instructor so I use every opportunity possible to motivate those around me. Being a chartered accountant comes with a lot of discipline which has assisted me in following a healthy lifestyle. I believe that if one truly puts their mind to it they can achieve their dreams and reach for the stars.

Maryna Gilfillan

36 years old

Occupation: Accountant - Director at Barnard & Gilfillan (Pty) Ltd

Hobbies: Hmmm --- squats

I started with my fitness journey in 2012. Being overweight and un-happy with the way I looked, I decided to step up and do something about it. Over the past couple of years, I have developed a passion for fitness and love every second in the gym. Last year I did my first two IFBB Fitness Bikini Competitions (Gold Plate Millennium and Summer Bodies) I Love being on stage. My reason for entering the Model Search Competition: We as women stare at Fitness Magazines and wish we could have a body like all those beautiful models - I can prove to them that it is indeed a possibility and that it is never too late to make their dreams become a reality. To be able to compete at The Arnold Classic will be a dream come true and I cant wait to meet all the contestants.

Dylan du Plessis

27 years old

My name is Dylan Du Plessis, my passion for health and fitness started in 2009 when i recovered from a motorcycle accident almost having lost my leg. I am an Exercise scientist/strength/conditioning coach, with a passion for health, fashion and life. I Love to help others and aspire to change the world through health and fitness.


To be apart of the Arnold Classic and compete on the stage. Having the opportunity to meet my idols and compete against like minded individuals that share the same passion as I do will be an amazing achievement and an honor.


Please follow my journey as i progress and one by one achieve my goals!


Instagram @dylan.ironlife

Leiere Falck

19 years old

I'm a confident, hard-working and adventurous young lady with a sparkling personality!

I'm a first year student studying Fitness Exercise Specialist who wants to help women of all ages to feel confident and look beautiful in their own skin.

I started with bodybuilding in 2017 where I placed 1st at SA's and I can now proudly say that I'm an IFBB SA champion athlete.

My sponsors are: Nutritech, Wildcat, BodyByWild, Go Brown Spraytan and ghd.

I believe in a balanced lifestyle!

Lizaan de Wet

32 years old

In short I would classified myself as an outgoing, fun loving and generous person. I love interaction with people and make them feel special. I love being active because it balance my lifestyle.

Je'zelle Kruger

29 years old

I am currently a Limpopo & Mpumalanga Area Manager for a large franchise beauty group in South Africa and part of my daily tasks is to make people feel great within themselves but also to enhance the individual beauty. I totally believe in order to ignite in others, one must first burn within yourself. Therefore my passion lies to transform women on a platform that can add value, everyone can look good but to transform and maintain is the key to creating everlasting happiness within themselves.


I had the privilege of being a Brand Ambassador for Lee Cooper Clothing as well as representing South Africa at Miss Intercontinental Beauty Pageant witch has lead to opening doors for editorial modeling to date.


My reason to entering this platform is to show true collaboration between beauty and fitness is the definition of being feminine.

Jacquline Mancheno

29 years old

Hello, my name is Jacqueline Mancheno,also known as manchenofit on has become my passion these last few years.its more to me than the outside appearance and a nice physique,its a way of has transformed my mindset and allowed me to become a goal getter and chase my dreams.i recently entered my first fitness/model search at the 2018 Arnold Classic Ohio.i won first place and now I'm here to continue to prove to myself and others that implementing a healthy way of living from the inside out can be life excited for this journey and can't wait to share the stage with all the beautiful ladies of South Africa.

Chandre Swanepoel

20 years old

Fashion, beauty and fitness has always been a passion of mine. I am currently a 1st year student studying beauty, health and skincare. With my career moving forward I would like to be a role model that inspires and motivates people to achieve their dreams. The Arnold Classic Model Search is a fantastic platform were I can start my fitness career. My fitness journey has taught me so much about myself and has proven to me that with hard work and dedication I can achieve my dream of becoming a top fitness model.

Dominique Teixeira

20 years old

I am a well driven passionate young lady who strives to give her best in everything I do. I am a very bubbly, loving and a social person who loves been around happy people. I tend to put others happiness before mine as I want the best for everyone in life. I Never look at anything as a failure in life but rather as a lesson and another chance, another chance to get up and to try again and give it your all plus 50%. I like learning new things everyday and like growing as a person.


In 2017 I decided to make the best change to my life and create a happier and healthier lifestyle for myself, I joined Essie Aesthetics and placed 3rd in my 1st Competition at Gauteng Centrals.

Instagram: domteixeira_

Ilona Tatarinova

29 years old

I am qualified professional in economy and law. I have worked for last three years as a Financial Manager. I am a part time commercial model. And I have a hobby that has changed my life, my soul, my attitude and my vision; Sport. My earliest interest in sport began when I was six years old and my parents brought me to a Taekwondo class. I was a fan of martial arts movies at the time. So instead of taking up a dance class, I chose fighting class. I was the only girl there from whole town. I fought with boys, I won, felt, got up and sometimes gave up, but somehow I always went back to it. I think this was a crucial point in my life which brought me to who I am now. Never give up and always follow the path you choose. I love going to gym and a year ago I became addicted as dedicated. As a result of my consistency and teamwork with my coach, I won two titles in the IFBB SA competition in the Fitness Bikini category and I have been invited to compete in Arnold Classic Africa. Now as I begin my new path I am looking for opportunities of reconversion and sharing with others the healthy lifestyle I follow, how I stay disciplined and motivated. Through this I hope to encourage and inspire people who are at the start of their fitness journey or still considering it. I think the Fitness Model Search is the best platform to be able to do this. Thank you for this great opportunity. My instagram page is @ilona.ati

Philippa van Heerden

21 years old

Courageous, straightforward and always up for a challenge! I like to consider myself an ever improving work in progress - my passion is the fitness industry and helping others improve their health and fitness. It Is through my fitness journey that I have discovered myself and gained confidence - not only In what I do but how I portray myself. I'm humble, bubbly and ambitious.

Follow me through my journey @philippa_v_h On Instagram and get to know me more .


Shepherd Mfakose

29 years old

Am just a single simple guy ,a guy who takes things simple but seriously.5 good years l fall in love with fitness and it become my lifestyle ,gym become my everyday home home and stage become my play ground, where I play my game simple but playing it seriously.

Christopher Krynauw

27 years old

To say I love fitness - bodybuilding in particular - would be an understatement.

I don't just love it, I live it. I am the definition of having a 'fit' lifestyle.


I fell in love with training at a young age, and learned about proper nutrition as time went on. Once I did there was no stopping me. I went on every day since in the pursuit of become a better me - not just physically - because bodybuilding can take you so much further than that.


Now I find myself eating healthy and training hard every day, the only time I take off from training is the give the weights a break. Every time I step in the gym, it has to be a good workout. I must push myself otherwise I feel incomplete. Then go home, get in the proper nutrition, and set the tone. I am the standard. I set the example of what living fit means living healthy. I don't just say it, I do it. I am I am it.


My name is Christopher Krynauw, and this is what I live for.

Ki-yano Chér Schoonraad

20 years old


I'm an ambitious,hard-working lady that strives to create new achievable goals of which I perform to my fullest to achieve!!! I love motivating others to be the best they can be and help where ever I can!! I'm a peoples person and really enjoy making new friends where ever I go!! I'm also the first to share all my experiences and knowledge. I'm very proud and greatful to say that I started competing in 2016 where I was privileged enough to have placed first in 11 shows and to have been the youngest lady ever to win IFBB SA Championships. I am proud and honored to call myself an IFBB SA Beach bikini champion!!!!

JJ van Zyl

19 years old

My passion for fitness began when i was 15 years old! I believe in "a health body creates a healthy mindset". I have a passion for people and want to motivate young people to live a healthy lifestyle! I'm a very competitive person and always give my 120%!


I'm an ambassador for Sandow fitness, still a young business but with some well known athletes in the fitness industry! I did my first show in 2017 at Fitness Runway Model South Africa and what an awesome experience it was.


It walways seems impossible until it's done!

Roberspeare Remy Bopda

30 years old

I am Remy, 30 years old born and raised in Cameroon. I like sport, music, currently I am a bodybuilder like training, lifting, keeping a healthy life

Gerridene de Vries

28 years old


Growing up, I always wanted to look like the girls in magazines. Then I came to realize that the girl in the magazine doesn't even look like the girl in the magazine. Since January 2017 I became extra focused on my own journey of wellness and health and realized that when you live for a purpose - life is pure bliss ❤️

My advise to everyone is to chase those dreams head on or some one else will hire you to help chase theirs! Your choice.

It truly excites me to be a part of the Model Search 2018 platform and I cannot wait to project my "it factor" on the International Arnold's stage. Follow my journey on @gerridene_dv for the build up to the 2018 Arnold's Africa Model Search.


Charlize Conradie

25 years old

To me exercise is a means to a more fulfilled, meaningful existence. Seeing how a person’s improved outer appearance boosts his/her self-confidence, is a source of motivation for me.

As a business consultant for Discovery I am required to motivate people to lead a healthier lifestyle, leading to a saving of costs to their health expense budget. I therefore need to set an example of the rewarding results from being healthy and active. The results not only being outer appearance but also the positive impact it has on mind, body and soul.


I work with people on a daily basis and my fun-loving personality makes it easy for me to connect with people. I love making people laugh and feel good about themselves.

My passion for health, fitness and beauty has shaped the way I live and the results from this lifestyle further helps me connect with people on a level that is so rewarding.


I hope that the Arnold Classic Africa platform will afford me the opportunity to inspire others to improve their lives from the inside out.

Megan Wesson

30 years old

I am a passionate, social and hard working individual. I am driven by success, and I have a love for fitness, fashion and beauty. I strive to be an inspiration to those who have yet to believe in the beauty of their dreams. I am motivated and empowered in the belief that I can do anything I set my heart and mind to. My love for fitness has given me the strength and power to push through anything in life. I believe we need to stay humble but hungry.

I placed 2nd in my first fitness competition this year at Millennium Gold Plate, Fitness Bikini U1.66, leading me to qualify for Arnold Classic Africa 2018.


Being determined to be successful in all aspects of my life has opened my eyes to the amazing opportunities that are out there, along with building quality friendships with like minded people, I can't wait to see where this opportunity will take me.


"If you want something as bad as you breathe, you will do everything in your power to achieve it"

Kayla Engelbrecht

23 years old


In our society the women who break down barriers are those who ignore limits-Arnold Schwarzenegger

This has been my motto since I started my journey into the fitness world in 2016.My name is Kayla Engelbrecht I am 23 yrs old and my passion in life is fitness.When I entered the fitness world it was a daunting experience for me but this is where I found my strength and my confidence in myself.It taught me that there is nothing in life that you can not overcome when you put you mind to it and that nothing is impossible when you give complete dedication and commitment to achieving your goals.I had the pleasure of being the ambassador for Trifocus fitness academy and winning the overall ladies cat 1 in the elite extravaganza 2018.I thoroughly enjoy the excitement and hard work that is involved in the competitive sport of fitness and always strive to become a better version of myself.I am applying myself in every way possible and intend on making myself grow to my full potential in the fitness world.

Jean-jacques kasselman

25 years old

My name is JJ Kasselman. I started my body “transformation” 8 years ago and what once was an interest in fitness and health has now become a passion! It changed my life and my outlook on health, fitness and nutrition in general. Fitness is a way of life and not just a once-off “thing” - it takes hard work; discipline and dedication to achieve your goals. I push my body to look as good as possible – this is the gasoline on my fire…With improvements and the results I get – I am encouraged to do better and better. I also enjoy helping people where I can, to improve their own fitness and health - I want them to feel the euphoria a healthy body and mind – “Healthy body; healthy mind” my motto in life!

Lihle Ndelu

28 years old

I’m a very driven front-end developer/tester and a fitness enthusiast currently enrolled to complete my fitness studies through Trifocus Fitness Academy. I’m an honest, vibrant and fun young lady. I enjoy the simple things in life. Being happy is a state of mind, and I don't think people should settle for less than they deserve. On a personal level, I have a flair for fashion and beauty, I’m outdoorsy, a little bit goofy; and I enjoy helping others wherever I can.


My passion for fitness, health, and beauty are what drive me to always inspire, motivate and spread body positivity and overall well-being. Fitness has played a very big part in molding me into the person I’ve always known I could be; I’m a motivator, I am motivated and I’m pushing all my boundaries with so much growth.


Through fitness, I’ve been very grateful and fortunate enough to have shared the stage/competed with some amazing athletes and even placed 3rd at the KZN east coast classics and made Top 6 of the USN face of Fitness.

Mell Theron

19 years old

Hi! I'm Mell! Standing on the arnold classic has always been a big dream of mine! So I've decided to take the chance and enter the model search! If your dreams don't scare you , they're not big enough! I'm very passionate about health and fitness and about helping others succeed! Counting down the days to stage! So excited!

Zene Basson

24 years old

Mother and wife inspiring healthy habits.

Social fitness entrepreneur who loves  keeping her followers on the grind and inspires them for constant self-improvement.

Architecture student at the University of Johannesburg.

Model at G3 Models.

Workout enthusiast.

Beauty aficionado.

Victoria Welthagen

18 years old

I come from a dancing background then branched off into modeling and since the end of 2016 I got involved in OCR (obstical course racing) and traveled SA last year competing in the blackops division I’m now a sponsored athlete climbing my ranking traveling SA again this year racing I’m also completing my studies as a real estate principal and head of Benoni and surrounding areas for Pompa Realty Group

Shevaughn Nankervis

25 years old

A year ago, I embarked on my spiritual journey, which encompassed a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical transformation. I changed my lifestyle and became more conscious of what I was putting into my body, for both health and humanitarian reasons; as my eating habits changed, so did my way of life.


I've become more conscious of how young women see themselves in this ever-evolving world; we compare ourselves to one another, instead of uplifting and liberating one another. I'd like to be part of more than just a competition - I'd like to be part of a movement where we inspire women from all walks of life to be the best that they can be, without putting themselves, or other women down in order to get there.


Karen Grabe

37 years old

I am a 37 year old mother, wife and Gym owner from Secunda, Mpumulanga.


A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus (an Auto Immune disease)


Since then I've managed to lead a healthy, fit and active lifestule to manage my Lupus.


Every dark cloud has a silver lining, even with my Lupus I've managed to inspire woman globally. Although Lupus is an incurable disease, it's not always a death sentence, hence my slogan "I'm not done yet..."

Sandi Maqoqa

44 years old

I am a BSc Computer Science graduate and achieved a post graduate diploma in Diversity Management and an honors degree in Bcom Management. I am a socialite, a founder of Midrand Golden Eagles Netball Club, a Netball player for local Gauteng Leagues, an athlete for Midrand Striders Runners Club and I love hiking. I have won various pageants such as Queen of Africa and Mrs Gauteng. I was a finalist for Mrs Tshwane and represented SA in China as Mrs Globe SA. I am a single mother of 2 and have a passion for working with children with special needs. I believe that I reflect the role of an ambassador and promote a heathly lifestyle.

Nompilo Xulu

25 years old

I'm Xulu Nompilo 24years of age from Eastern Cape and I'm a medical student at Walter Sisulu University I'm on my forth year. As little time I have to train and maintain my fitness lifestyle I make sure I use it wisely and it counts. I'm a smiley person bubbly at times and I love food. Fitness isn't my hobby it's my second career...

Sheri Muller

27 years old

Hi my name is Sheri Muller, my on stage theme is Wonder-Woman. I am friendly, confident and dedicated. I am 27 years old and have been training for 6 years. Last year I competed in 5 shows around the Eastern Cape, I won all 5 shows and won overalls in 2 of the 5. I was then selected for the SA Team, and competed in the PCA BodyPower show held in Birmingham, UK. I am a fitness athlete and part time model, I love and live this lifestyle everyday.

Isjeanne du Toit

22 years old

I'm a green eyed bubbly blonde with a passion for being active mentally and physically. I do Model promotions for fun and like to embrace the business. I only have 3000 followers on instagram, I love making people laugh and food is my best friend. I have a driven personality but sometimes i can be over confident ( not a bad thing ). I am outgoing, kind-hearted and i like to keep busy. My favourite sport at the Moment is Netball and hitting the gym hard. If you having a bad day I will be the one to try make it better.

Delli Mmusi

24 years old


I am Delly a 24years old, i'm a fun, loving person and friendly.This is my third time competing for arnold models search, The art industry has always been my dream..I was shy moving around so much,i stopped caring about what people thought of me and I still dont and I am still moving forward...

Marisa Jordaan

39 years old

I am currently a Residential Development Manager at Italtile Somerset West, working in partnership with top end Architects, Interior designers, Developers, creating beautiful living spaces.


A fit lifestyle has always been part of who I am. My journey started when Iwas 15 years old and was first introduced to bodybuilding by one of my dearest teachers... and the rest is history. Although it was always a dream of mine to compete, I just never had the courage to take on the stage. I always felt I was not good enough, too old, always measuring myself up to other athletes, always falling a million miles short. Till last year 2017! I decided that i will become the best version of myself, only competing against me myself and I. I took my eyes of other people, concentrating on my weaknesses and made them strong - took my strengths and made them stronger... and i did it!! I competed for the first time and placed 2nd! Wow.. it was the most exhilarating feeling ever. From there I kept on competing and won all my divisions, including Overall fitness bikini.


Being invited to compete in the Arnold Classic Africa 2018 is a real honor and an absolute highlight in my journey thus far, and being selected to take part in the Model Search, is the cherry on top! What an amazing platform and opportunity to spread the good news that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH - YOU ARE WORTHY! To motivate people from all walks of life and age groups, to live a healthy lifestyle, teaching them that discipline is the key to every success in life - to tell them its NEVER TO LATE!

Claire Gravell

31 years old


My fitness journey began while pregnant with my little boy. I vowed to myself that I wanted to get my body back after I gave birth.

It started with park runs, entering 10km fun runs, starting up a home gym, and getting into a fit lifestyle.

My sister in law suggested I set a goal for myself and I should look into entering a body building competition. From that moment I was hooked.

My husband is my number one fan, support system and motivation. He pushes me and holds my hand through every step in my journey.

Looking back I have far surpassed all of the goals I set. Now, my dreams and goals, are bigger and closer to the stars.

Zane van den Berg

22years old

My name is Zane van den Berg!

My mindset changed in 2010 to start chasing my dreams!!

Every day in the gym and kitchen learned me so much about myself en how a clean and healthy life become a fit body!

I have a huge passion for a fit lifestyle and wil help anyone else to achieve their dreams en chasing their own goals!

My motto in life is : If it doesn't CHALLANGE you it doesn't CHANGE YOU!


Designed by Tanya van der Walt