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Friday: 10:00 - 16:00

Saturday: 10:00 - 16:00

Level -2

Public participation allowed

The purpose of Indigenous Games is to revive and popularize those cultural activities that have a particular appeal to vast sectors of South African communities, particularly the traditional rural people. Due to the fact that sport and recreation activities are predominantly practiced in the urban areas and are largely euro-centric, the indigenous games is essential in order to get South Africans more active.


The South African Indigenous Games are the carriers of our cultural values and part of the world’s cultural heritage. Together with the department responsible for sport and recreation in the provinces, SRSA annually manage the hosting of the Indigenous Games Festival in celebration of our cultural diversity and in support of our heritage celebrations in the month of September.


The programme has four levels which are local, cluster, provincial and national. It is run across all five clusters of the province where eventually a provincial team is selected to represent the province at the National Active Ageing Games which are facilitated by National Social Development to and   Sport and Recreation South Africa


Types of Indigenous Games codes to be featured at the Arnold Classic Africa 2017:

o Ncuva

o Morabaraba

o Diketo

o Kgati

o Dibeke

o Drie Stokies

o Ntonga (stick fighting)