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Esports or ‘competitive gaming’ is a globally emergent sport played at an amateur and professional level. Competitive Esports takes place both online and at major offline events.

Esports offers the exciting opportunity for consistent exposure to the sometimes challenging digital environment. It goes beyond just ‘gaming’ and aids in the development of technology orientated skills, computer fluency, social networking skills, digital entrepreneurship and community formation. The most common competitive genres are battle royale, multiplayer online battle arena’s (MOBA), first-person shooter’s (FPS), real-time strategy, fighting, and sports games.

The biggest games being played professionally in South Africa are currently Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, FIFA, and Overwatch. We understand that esports is a complex space but we are here to help by inviting you to experience the world of gaming.

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Exciting News!

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be in Johannesburg at the Arnold Sport Festival 15 – 17 May.  Sunday 17 May, all Mall Walkers from all the different provinces can make history when SA walk together for the first time.
A FREE, special designed t-shirt, will be handed out when you arrive to walk the morning and celebrate this spectacular occasion.

If you join the Mall Walk Club, and stay active the next 6 months, you will receive a FREE general access ticket to the festival as well as a FREE Arnold Seminar ticket.  At the seminar Arnold will talk about his life, fitness and experience in the fitness industry.  The Mall Walk Club Members, with their new t-shirts, will have VIP seats in the auditorium as special guests of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Who knows, he might decide to walk with us…… .  Save the date!
Be fit!  Be a life changer! Join the Mall Walk Club!
More details on where to meet and what time on the day will follow closer to the event date.

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