VIP Package and PHOTO with Arnold

Have an all access VIP experience on the Arnold Classic Africa weekend and meet Arnold Schwarzenegger when taking your individual photo with him. You will also receive a special edition exclusive VIP cap and Golf Shirt to wear while attending all the spectacular VIP seated events like the prestigious Elite Pro Bodybuilding and Fitness event Saturday night.End the weekend with a VIP seat in the Arnold Schwarzenegger Seminar on Sunday afternoon.

Included in VIP package:

Tickets for all events and venues during ACA weekend and expo, with free Arnold bus transport. VIP seating in golden circle for all events in Auditorium at SCC which include IFBB Amateur Bodybuilding, IFBB Elite Pro Bodybuilding and Strongman finals and Arnold Seminar.
  • Ticket to take a picture with Arnold
  • Goodie bag with Arnold Classic Africa VIP Cap and VIP shirt
  • VIP Parking
  • Back stage access
  • VIP Accreditation

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