“CAGED IN” Log and Deadlift Championship 2020


Max Deadlift

Time Limit 60 Seconds

Locked out with shoulders back, hips forward, knees and head straight. Lockout position must be for more than a second before good lift will be given.

If weight is dropped from lockout position without controlling it down, No Lift will be given.

  • Straps allowed.
  • 10 Seconds to strap in.
  • Deadlift Suite allowed.
  • Two attempts on nominated weight.

Max Log Lift

Time Limit 60 Seconds

Log starts on floor and lockout will be given if arms are fully extended - legs are parallel to each other.

  • Down signal will be given on good lift.
  • Wait for the referee’s “good-lift” signal otherwise no lift will be given.
  • Should your lift be deemed unsafe or dangerous before locking out, the referee will stop you.
  • Two attempts on nominated weight.
  • Max weight win.


Due to not every athlete having standard weights no records can be broken officially unless prior arrangements with standard equipment and calibrated weights are made.

Competition will take place via Skype (Live) or WhatsApp

13 June 2020


  • U/80kg
  • U/90kg

14 June 2020


  • U/105kg
  • Open Class
  • Masters U/105kg
  • Masters Open Class

20 June 2020


  • U/64kg
  • U/82kg
  • Open Class

Registration: FREE

Register online arnoldclassicafrica.com
  1. Click on the Caged in Log and Deadlift banner
  2. Complete the entry free
  3. Make payment and send proof of payment

               Log Champs R200 Entry Fee

               Deadlift Champs R200 Entry Fee

*Athlete can enter one or both events

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