Esports is a competitive form of gaming. It takes place through organized multiplayer competitions, leagues and events. Born from the rivalries at local arcades and neighbourhood gatherings, gaming has gone from being a fun past time to an internationally recognized sport. Since the turn of the year 2000, amateur players simply having fun, have emerged as sponsored professional esporting athletes. The last decade has seen global investments of millions of dollars, as well as the rapid expansion of sporting viewership, rivalling some of the biggest sports in the world. There are current talks of esports being added to future Olympic games. Esports is here to make its mark and we aim to grow talent from within our communities. The Arnold Classic Africa serves as our platform to collaboratively showcase part of the esports culture and educate South Africa on the opportunity this sport provides.


The gaming environment offers a virtual home to every person irrespective of gender, race, age, demographic or disability. It has the ability to bring communities together into a space of casual gaming or competitive esports. E-Sports encompasses more than just ‘entertainment’ but a social, educational and competitive experience, that creates and establishes friendships, team building and mentorship, as foundational platforms within its natural structure.


 Join, The Ark Gaming and NiBBLE esports as we begin our quest to entice you into our world of gaming and competitive esports.

With entertainment, fun, community and passion all merging together, we invite you to immerse your mind into the unlimited possibilities of the fantastical world or the competitive virtual football field.

The gaming environment invites you to follow your dream:

• Whether you wish to Live-stream and become the next YouTube sensation

• Live-commentary to become the next E-sporting Martin Tyler

• Play to win the next international esports competition for $28 000 000

• Start your own organisation and begin your journey as a young up and coming organisational entrepreneur in esports

• Become the next video editing, blog article writing, music producing, designing sensation to share your unique creative talent with the world.

Esports has it all for you… 


What to expect from the esports at Arnold Classic

We have got a collection of things for you… From the new, emergent mobile esports to the childhood memory of console gaming, as well as racing simulations, and all the way through to the ‘hard-core’ PC experience. With giveaways, competitions and virtual reality immersion, join in and take part to learn about our world or casually dive into education around esports and ask on how to get involved and what the future holds for young aspiring E-athletes. We hope that we can introduce esports to the South African community with our passionate approach to this young, exciting world-wide phenomenon known as esports.



Esports Industry FAQ

eSports Industry South Africa (ESI) is set to bring competitive online gaming into the mainstream with engaging content about local players and tournaments, local events listing and promotion, and definitive rankings (still to come). We are determined to grow local consumption by creating cutting-edge video and digital content to showcase the industry, assist the players and the teams by better commercialising the space and help turn on its value. It is our mission to celebrate esports and be a game changer for everyone who loves online gaming in South Africa.


1. Sport description – what exactly it involves


Esports or competitive gaming is a form of competition using video games. You can compete in esports as a team or as an individual. The most common genres in esports are real-time strategy (RTS), fighting, first-person shooters (FPS) and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). The most common esports titles currently being played professionally in South Africa are Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and FIFA.


2. Entry point – who can do it, what equipment do you need before you can start? Is it expensive / can you begin with the basics?


Anyone can participate but you do need access to a computer, laptop, gaming console or even a smartphone, as well as a decent internet connection. Getting into esports can become expensive when purchasing or upgrading your PC but relatively cheaper entry points such as mobile devices or consoles do exist. There are even venues & gaming lounges that offer the equipment which could be a great alternative to having to purchase your own.


3. Suitable skills – what natural ability is required, if any? What skills / strengths will you build in the process?


Just like any sporting discipline, players must learn the basics of the game and work to develop their skills through applying some of the more advanced mechanics. Practicing as both an individual and a team comes with its challenges and players need to remain dedicated and committed to persevere. Skill sets like hand-eye co-ordination, muscle memory, leadership, composure, reflexes and awareness are just a select few that are needed.


4. Current competitive environment – Is it an Olympic sport? Do we compete on the global arena? How do we fare?


The International Olympics Committee (IOC) has officially recognised esports as a sport and the global community eagerly awaits inclusion in the official Olympics event. South Africa currently has players and teams that competing globally at some of the biggest esports events. These teams are in the top 1% of players in the world.


5. Who to contact – if someone wants to take up this sport, what should they do first? Who should they contact?


Once you have a game or genre of preference that you would like to compete in, research some upcoming events in your city. Most esports events are announced on social media. You can then also look at taking your game to the next level and start contacting specialised esporting teams about joining their organisations who will keep you updated on future upcoming events, leagues and tournaments. The Ark Gaming Lounge and NiBBLE esports organisation will be available to chat online and at the Arnold Classic Africa event to answer any questions you might have about esports and gaming.


Contact us if you want to get involved or simply ask some questions. 


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