5 - 7 MAY 2017

Sunday ONLY: 13:00 - 16:00

Level 0 - Expo Stage

Included in Entry Fee’s:


All photo's taken on the day by our professional photographer.  Photo's will be uploaded on our Facebook page and should you wish to receive the larger high resolution format it will be sent via Dropbox.


Weekend pass to the expo valid at R300 to view all the sporting events.  Excludes access to the events in the auditorium and other ticketed reserved or unreserved events.



ACC NAME Classic International SA.


Standard Bank Centurion,

Acc no 0135 94702,

Branch code 012 645.

Reference: Your Name & Surname



Yolande 083 448 8310

Email: cisa.director@gmail.com         www.arnoldclassicafrica.com



cisa - mr & miss classic international southern africa



1. The panel of judges are all well known celebrities and no pageant judges will be used.

2. All paperwork and entry fees are subject to deadlines and due date 25 April 2017 @ 8pm.  No refunds will be entertained.

3. The competition is open to all Ladies 10-28 and Men 16-30 as set out per respected categories above, irrespective of race, colour or creed. Ladies must be single.  Not married/divorced/widowed or have any children.  Men may be single or married.  Ladies 10-13 only light make up and lip-gloss allowed.  Remember, less is more.  Contestants must be in good physical and mental condition as the winners will be Ambassadors promoting healthy lifestyles.

4. There will be one outfit only:  Formal wear (Any form of formal wear is accepted – Sleek, short, long, pageant bling)

5. All contestants will do a On-stage introduction.

6. Finalists and Winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) may be asked to do promotional work for the organisers & sponsors in the year of their reign, free of charge, within boundaries and notified in advance.

7. The organisers/employees/judges/sponsors will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injuries suffered during the competition.

8. Any interference of a third party (be it parent, coach, friends or family will lead to immediate disqualification. The organisers and their employees cannot be held responsible for sponsors that don’t fulfill their commitment towards prizes donated for this competition/event.

9. The organisers commit themselves to a just competition.

10. No scores will be made available unless the Arnold Classic Africa agents/auditors request it for whatever reason.  You are however more than welcome to schedule an appointment afterwards should you wish to discuss feedback with regards to notes applied on your score sheet.

11. Should any of the winners in any of the categories not adhere to the rules they will be disqualified and must return their prizes immediately.  A new winner will then be appointed.

12. Please note we are not affiliated with any model agency and follow the strict rules and guidelines as set out by the Mr & Miss Classic International SA agent.  Anyone can enter irrespective of the area you live in.

13. International scouts have been invited.  When you enter this year’s competition you stand a chance of being scouted to perform internationally.

14. By completing this form you hereby confirm that you understand all the rules and hereby give permission for the organisers to use your photographs, Videography and media for publicity purposes in connection with the event.