About Art Competition:

We would like to invite Artists to enter the Arnold Classic Africa Art Competition. The Arnold Classic Africa is an annual multi-sport event celebrating 50+ sporting codes.  It is named after the legendary professional body-builder, Arnold Schwarzenegger who will be at the event for the 3 days. Arnold Schwarzenegger will also visit the Art Competition at the event.


Weekend program:

Art at the Arnold is three-days of drawing & painting.


Friday:  Artists be required to go around the venue and take a picture of any activity at the event. Artists are allowed to start on their drawing/ painting.

Saturday: Artists start on their drawing/ painting.

Sunday: Artists continue with their artwork until 15:00 and the judging will start at 16:00.


Can I enter and how do I enter:

How it will work:

To enter the competition, there is a NON REFUNDABLE entry fee of R100.

You will have to send us 1 picture of your artwork we can put on our website.

Participants will be required to be at the event from 18 -20 May 2018 and make a drawing or painting of any activity that will be happening at the event.

Participants will have to bring their own design material to draw or paint, ex. oil paint, charcoal, coffee, acrylic.

Space is limited to only 50 artists.


Dates: 18 -20 May 2018

Venue: Sandton Convention Centre


The Top 5 winners will be selected on Sunday 20 May 2018 and prizes are as follows:

  R 5 000 – First prize winner

  R 2 000 – Second prize winner

  R1 500 – Third prize winner

  R 1000 – Fourth prize winner

  R  500  – Fifth prize winner


Deadline to enter the Arnold Art Competition is 1 May 2018; we won’t take anymore artists once we have reached 50 entries.

Contact Information: or

012 653 2960


#ArtAtTheArnold2 807 7000


Jacob Polelo Huma

27 years old

Medium: Smoke art (Candle)


Art Background:

  • Sasol new signature competitions 2017

Nicholas Bastiaanse

32 years old

Medium: Charcoal


Competed in: Sanlam Portrait Awards

Art Background:

  • NIC & NSC at the National School of the arts (2002 - 2003)
  • National Diploma in Fine & Applied Arts majoring in Painting & Glass making (2004 - 2006)

John Nkosi

19 years old

Medium: Ball point pen


Art Background:

  • Self taught visual artist
  • Doing art using different medium for 1 year

Nina da Silva

20 years old

Medium: Charcoal, graffiti or oil painting


Art Background:

  • Studied art history

Maria Bronkhorst

54 years old

Medium: Acrylic


Competed in: Olympic's Art Competition 2019 in progress

Art Background:

  • Doing acrylic paintings for the past 23 years

Thea Lombaard

59 years old


Art Background:

  • I started with etchings, batik and silk painting and then progresses to icons and oil painting when we lived in Romania. On returning to SA I continued with oil painting and life drawing classes. I have exhibited extensively and used social media to share my art.

Pretty Lindiwe Hlatshwayo

23 years old

Medium: Pen


Art Background:

  • Matriculated from Pro Arte Alphen Park majoring in Visual art and did 1 year at Tshwane University of Technology majoring in Visual Art

Osego Bolele

15 years old

Medium: Pencil

Liebner Anthony van Zyl

33 years old

Medium: Oil paint


Competed in: 2018 - BP Portrait Awards, National Portrait Gallery, Shortlisted candidate 215 out of 2667 participants, Received by Clementine Williamson, Central London, London, UK.

Art Background:

  • 2011 – National Diploma in Fine and Applied Arts. Tshwane University of Technology - Having complied with the requirements of the act and statute, Pretoria, South Africa.

Lerato Ngiveni

18 years old

Medium: Acrylic painting


Art Background:

  • Second year student of National diploma in fine arts at Vaal university of technology.

Maseko Aphiwe

13years old

Medium: Clutch Pencil

Raymond Fuyana

23 years old

Medium: Oil paint


Art Background:

  • I did a piece of a deaf art student at the Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg, Newtown. I then did a 3 year course for printmaking. 2017- I participated in a group exhibition " Pierneef Interpreted ", the were featured at the Turbine Art Fair alongside Strauss and Co. J. B Pierneef original works.

Rosa Zapata

43 years old

Medium: Pencil, oil and acrylics


Art Background:

  • I recently started as a student at Kim Myerson´s Atelier Studio.

Darren Clarke

22 years old

Medium: Colored Pencil


Art Background:

  • Self Taught , Full time Fine Artist.

Idalet Pauw

45 years old

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


Art Background:

In December 2000 Idalet decided to paint full time after all her paintings sold out at a joint exhibition. At the end of April 2001 she had her first solo exhibition with more than 100 paintings!

Her work is passionate, playful, rich, exotic, decorative and colourful and exudes an inner peace and unity of spirit. She is influenced by Klimmt, Gaugain, Matisse, Diego Rivera and the Pre-Raphaelite Movement. She combines the spiritual and fantasy worlds with medieval shapes and symbols and uses mainly acrylic paint with oil glazes and wax finishes. Her paintings radiate peace and joy with the self and nature; are honest, open and at time naïve; and it is through the eyes of both people and animals that she captures emotion.

Idalet was deeply interested in colour therapy and the upliftment of all races throughout the world. “I try to integrate and bring to a whole that which was broken. Through my paintings I hope to bring people peace, in themselves and in their environment.”

Idalet was invited to exhibit her work in many cities in Europe. Between 2003 and 2008 she had exhibitions in Köln, Frankfurt, Berlin, München, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Paris.

Yahu'rifile Mpho Selebalo

17 years old

Medium: Pencil


Art Background:

  • Self Taught

Anathi Elpee Nkanyuza

23 years old

Medium: Smoke/Fumage, watercolor and Acrylic


Art Background:

  • Self/taught

Designed by Tanya van der Walt