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Aerial at The Arnolds Brought to you by The Pole Studio SA.


Aerial at the Arnolds strives to provide a platform for aerial artists from beginner to advanced level to showcase their talent, ability, and passion for the art form.


The goal of this competition is to promote healthy competition and bring more awareness to aerial as a sporting discipline.


Who can take part in the Aerial at the Arnolds Competition?

Solos (Aerial Lyra/Hoop or Aerial Silks) and Duets (Aerial Lyra/Hoop only), same gender or mixed pairs. Aerial Lyra/Hoop Duets will perform together in one hoop.


Age groups, in years old, on the day of the final for the aerial competitions include:

10-14 Girls.

10-14 Boys.

15-17 Girls.

15-17 Boys.

18-39 Women.

18-39 Men.

40+ Women.

40+ Men.


Levels / ‘Divisions’ for Aerial Lyra/Hoop & Aerial Silks include;

  • Bronze / Beginner
  • Silver / Intermediate
  • Gold / Advanced

Aerial Competition day Sunday 19th May 2019.


What is Aerial Silks

This exercise is done on two pieces of hanging fabric. Suspended by locking your feet into the cloth safely and securely. So how do you make fitness fun? We have the answer with our roof raising Aerial Silks classes. A lot of the time the class feels like too much fun to be a serious workout, but there are major health benefits. Aerial silks works pretty much every muscle in your body: from arms to legs, stomach to back. The classes also strengthen the core and increase flexibility after a few sessions. It is not just for girls either; plenty of burly bodybuilders attend class to work on muscles that lifting weights can not target as effectively.


What is Aerial Hoop

Aerial hoop is a beautiful art form. It is one of the oldest and most respected forms in the aerial tradition, aerial hoops help graceful performers create stunning displays of skill high above the stage. The origins of Aerial Hoop, also known as Lyra are unclear, but it has been mentioned in mainstream circus performance since the mid-2000s.

It is a suspended steel hoop, much like a hula hoop, but rigged by one or two points and may have evolved from the high wire and trapeze swinging acts, which in turn came from gymnastics and acrobatics.The metal hoops come in two main configurations. One features a single tab, which is the harness that secures the hoop to it’s connecting chain or rope. A single tab hoop spins and swings easier, but is less stable and will rotate if used for certain poses. A double tab hoop features two connections, adding balance and stability to the hoop for difficult poses.